Sunday, March 22, 2009


Jaela came part way down the stairs, more offended than upset.  "Mom, Anya's hitting me!"  She didn't wait for a response, but turned and went back upstairs.  A few seconds later, Anya appeared part way down the stairs, blue eyes all teary.

A:  Mommy, Jaela-
Me:  (interrupting)  I don't want to hear any sentences that start with Jaela, Macey, or Isaak.  Now, is there something you needed to tell me?

There was a brief pause while Anya thought that over.

A:  Mommy, someone didn't keep their promise.
Me:  That's too bad, Anya.  Go play nicely anyway, or find something else to do by yourself.
A:  Doesn't Mommy want to know who?