Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Some people have alarm clocks that wake them up in the mornings.
They are usually stationary and beep loudly.
I don't use one of those.

Some people have roosters that wake them up in the mornings.
They perch somewhere high and crow loudly.
I don't have any of those.
(And I'm OK with that!)

Then there are people that have Canada Geese that wake them up in the mornings.
They perch somewhere high and honk loudly.
Apparently, I have one of those.

But wait, what could be better than a Canada Goose?
Two, of course!
(One for each roof!)

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Cleaning Party

After the chicks moved out of the house, we had some serious cleaning to do before we had company this weekend. Jaela and I tackled the bathroom, then Macey and I cleaned the guest room. We dusted every surface (including the ceilings), polished the logs, and deep cleaned until every last bit of chicken dust was gone. We had so much fun that everyone wanted to get in on the action, so Anya decided to take care of the cobwebs and dust the high parts of the log walls while she was at it...
then Isaak dusted and polished the staircase and all the parts of log walls that he could reach.
He asked to vacuum next, so of course I let him!
Jaela wanted to mop the bathroom and kitchen,
and Macey wanted to mop the laundry room.
Anya and Isaak worked together to "mop" the hardwood floors, then Anya finished mopping the dining room.
Who knew housework could be so much fun?!?

For the Love of Eggs: Part 3

We started with fifteen chicks in a box...
in our guest room.
A week later, the fourteen that survived moved to the bathtub.
They quickly outgrew the bathtub too, so they've moved into the chicken coop a little ahead of schedule.
The chicken run is almost done; just a few more finishing touches left to chicken wire!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For the Love of Eggs: Part 2

The Chicken Run
First we dug a trench a foot deep around the perimeter of the run.
And by "we", I mean Mike.
Then, while he worked on the trench, I dug the post holes.
12 of them.
Helpers were enlisted to get the first posts and boards into place,
while I kept working on post holes.

Reading Record: March

I'm making progress! I previewed quite a few books for the upcoming school years, re-read some favorites, finally read some that I've always wanted to read, and said an unexpected goodbye to a few that I thought would be treasures.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For the Love of Eggs: Part 1

Have I ever shown you the chicken coop that's on our property?
Well, here it is from the outside,
and this is the inside.
Exciting, isn't it?
Under the current management it has not seen much use, but that's about to change...