Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family Pictures

My Side:

Jaela, Mike, Joan, Bill, Anya, Randy, Macey
Jamie, Selissa

His Side:
Josh, Mike
Macey, Isaak, Suzie, Jaela, Pat, Anya

Isaak, Jamie, Jaela, Heather, Anya, Josh
Mike, Macey, Ty
Hayden, Corbin

"Let Me 'Splain..."

"No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

(Sorry, that quote from The Princess Bride just "fit so nice, he said I could keep it." Acckk! Why is that movie so doggone quotable?!? Again, sorry!)

Anyway, to "sum up" our lives since my last post:

Christmas came and went. It was fun. And then we recycled the tree.

January came and went too. It was kind of a crazy month and included a trip to Oregon and a rare six inches of snow in Tennessee. I plan to post some pictures from both of those events soon.

So far, February hasn't been too bad. I'll try to do better about keeping you posted. :)