Sunday, March 22, 2009

Any Excuse Will Do

My friend Amy had a birthday last week, and when we went over to her house for a playdate the next day, she shared part of her birthday cake with us.  It was chocolate, with white frosting, and it was wonderful.  The cake was egg-less and moist, and the frosting tasted like cake batter, only better.  Amazingly good frosting, especially if you like cake batter as much as Amy and I do!

I lasted about two days before I broke down and bugged her for the recipes.  I got them this morning, and made the cake this afternoon, just so I could try the frosting!  The ingredients in the frosting are 1/2 box of white cake mix and a pint of whipping cream.  I knew before I read the label on a box of cake mix at the store that I wasn't going to like the ingredients, but I was pretty convinced that I could try just mixing up half a batch of my favorite white cake using only the dry ingredients and the vanilla.

So I tried it, and it worked!  (Next time though, I'm going to cut the sugar in half, because it was way too sweet.)  I told everyone that we were pretending it was Spring's birthday, so the girls asked for those little candy Happy Birthday letters (like Amy had on her cake) to decorate it.  I had some leftover "springy" sprinkles from Anya's cake last year, so we used them too.

Yeah, I know.  Spring doesn't really have a birthday, but when you're craving chocolate cake and cake-batter frosting...any excuse will do!

Happy Spring!