Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And Then...

 While Mike sealed around the windows and doors,

and put up trim,

 I went around behind him masking and caulking all the trim,

 and then I stained and sealed it.

Tomorrow I will finish sealing the last of the logs and trim along the front of the house, 
and then I can concentrate on sealing more checks.

(Not to mention all the other big projects that are left on the list...sigh.)

Just for fun:

This is what you get when you give Macey a camera and ask her to try to get a picture of the paintbrush in action.
Not exactly what I had in mind, but artistic, nonetheless!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Last Week

After the borate solution dried, we washed the logs to prep them for staining,

Mike got the staining done on three sides of the house
(he's still working on the front because we had to order more stain),

the log ends were sealed,

we applied sealer over the stain,

I filled in and sealed all of the butt joints,

and for the rest of my life a few more weeks I will be filling in checks (aka cracks) in the logs.

If you don't hear from me for a while, either my fingers are covered in goop and I can't type or I'm curled up in a chair with aching muscles and can't get up...except to go to bed!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Last Five Weeks

Since July 24 we've been doing a lot of:

trim board removal
(and old nest removal from behind them...birds, bees, yellow jackets, and mice),

paint stripper application,

pressure washing
(aka paint and old finish removal),


(application of borate solution using a sprayer...that's borating, right?),

and the never-ending chore of removing old caulking from between the logs.

Wait, did I mention the never-ending chore of removing old caulking from between the logs?
Oh, I did?

Never mind then, I won't mention it again.