Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ophiophagus hannah

Macey knows that Anya is currently fascinated by cobras, so even though she is herself petrified of snakes, Macey bought Anya a book about cobras and a toy cobra for her birthday.  Since Anya discovered that she can actually read for herself, we have been learning interesting little tidbits about cobras for weeks now.  The day after Anya's birthday, we learned that yes, cobras can climb trees.  We were thrilled.

When Anya came dancing excitedly into the office a few minutes ago, she exclaimed, "Look Mommy!  It says in my cobra book that king cobras have enough poison to kill an elephant!"

The sentence actually reads, "It [king cobra] has enough venom to kill an elephant."

Yeah.  I am seriously re-thinking the rest of her Kindergarden curriculum.  I don't think "See Spot run." is going to cut it.

(Ophiophagus hannah = King Cobra)