Thursday, March 5, 2009

Consonants Optional

This morning Isaak was sitting on my lap at the computer looking at pictures with me while I worked on organizing them.  "Mmmm!", he said, and lunged forward to point at the picture of boiled eggs that was on the screen.  "Those are EGGS."  I told him.  He scrunched up his face with the effort, "Ehhh."  He lunged forward again and pointed at a picture of himself.  "Iiaaa."  I wasn't sure I'd heard him right.  "WHO is that?"  He grinned.  "Mama!  Dada!  Bebe!"  

Fast forward about an hour to lunchtime, with all of us sitting around the table.  I asked if anyone wanted salt and pepper on their food.  Isaak raised his hand.  "Meee!  Iiaaa!"  We ALL heard it that time, and the quizzing began.  "Isaak, can you say Anya/Macey/Jaela?"  For the next ten minutes or so, Isaak was in the spotlight.  

He would look at each of his sisters in turn, screw up his little face in concentration and burst out with their name...but of course, consonants are optional when you're 21 months old.  Anya is now "Ahhyah", Jaela is "Yayyah", and Macey is "Maymee".  

I'm not sure who is the most proud, Isaak, Ahhyah, Yayyah, or Maymee.