Friday, March 20, 2009

Baking Day

I haven't made bread in over a month.  Not REAL bread, anyway.  (Quick breads don't count, especially when they're a new recipe and taste terrible.)  So.  I planned for today to be a "baking day".

We got a late start.  For breakfast, around 9:30, while I started a double batch of Crock-Pot Yogurt, the kids each had some milk, a banana, and a pear while they were waiting for their boiled eggs, which weren't ready until almost 10:00.  The scones didn't come out of the oven until almost 10:30, so by the time the kids were done with breakfast, it was almost 11:00.  We finished half of school for the day before lunch, (no one was really very hungry yet, so we had green smoothies and the rest of the scones for lunch!), then while I started a pot of vegetable stock, the kids cleaned up the dining room and living room.  During naptime, I peeled, chopped up and froze some tomatoes that were getting soft, and then when the girls got up we finished school.

Have you noticed how the day was already half gone and I hadn't done any real baking yet?  Yeah.  I noticed too.

So after everyone had a snack, and I had procrastinated as much as possible, I started making tortillas.  Anya and Isaak decided they wanted to help.
Well, Anya wanted to help.  Isaak was more interested in seeing what she was doing.  Before I started rolling out the tortillas, I decided to start another batch of scones, too.  Jaela cut in the butter for me while I worked on tortillas, and by the time the scones were ready to go in the oven, the tortillas were all rolled out and ready to be cooked.  While I worked, Jaela and Macey cut up fruit for a fruit salad.  (I think we'll be having those fairly often this summer.)  :)  

We had scrambled egg burritos in fresh tortillas for dinner, with fruit salad.  There are scones for breakfast, and enough left-over fruit salad and boiled eggs to go with them.  We had a nice relaxing time outside around the fire-pit with Mark and Mary after dinner, and when we came back inside I thought of what Jaela had asked me as I was taking that second batch of scones out of the oven..."Can we have another baking day tomorrow, Mommy?"  Hm.  Yeah.

I still haven't made bread.