Monday, September 15, 2008


Jaela, Macey, and Anya got haircuts after naptime today!  They turned out SO cute -- even Daddy is impressed.  :)  We've been planning it for over a month, and today was finally the day!  Their hair was getting SO long, and it was broken in so many different lengths that we really couldn't put it off any longer.  They were getting pretty tired of the tangles and snarls too.  They wanted to wait to tell anyone that we had done it, and just surprise their Grandmas and Grandpas when they come next, but I didn't think the secret would keep that long.  (Can you imagine me not posting ANY pictures in the next few weeks?!?)  So we compromised and agreed to post a picture of their new haircuts, and "spring" the surprise this way.  :)

Jaela went first, then Macey, and then Anya.  By the time Anya was finished, Jaela had decided that she wanted her hair a little bit shorter ("as short as Macey's, Mommy!"), so she hopped back on the stool for round two.  The really amazing parts are that:
1) all three girls slept for almost 2 hours before we started, and then 
2) I (yes, I!) 
3) STILL managed to finish cutting everyone's hair BEFORE Isaak woke up from his (almost 3 hour) nap!

What a day!  :)