Tuesday, September 23, 2008

(Sigh.) Yes, we homeschool!

Today we stopped at Walmart on the way home from CHET (Center for Homeschool Enrichment and Tutorial), where I teach Spanish and Jaela, Macey, and Anya take Spanish, Sign Language, and Art.  Whenever we go to Walmart, the girls get those little jugs of chocolate milk to go with their lunch or snack, and they ALWAYS ask the checker to "hand it right back to me, please".  The checkers always seem to find this amusing, and usually comply with smiles on their faces.

Today was no different, up to that point.  After a reminder to say "Thank you", this conversation followed:

J, M, and A:  ¡Gracias!
Me (quietly):  In English, please.
J and A:  Thank you!
Checker:  You're welcome.
M:  Shucran!  (Arabic)
Me (still quietly, but with a LOOK):  IN ENGLISH.
M:  (only slightly subdued)  Thank you.
Checker (after a brief pause):  Was that German?
Me:  No, first Spanish, then Arabic.
Checker:  Oh.  (Longer pause)  Do you homeschool?

Sigh.  Don't other people's six-year-olds pick up Arabic words and phrases from their dads?!?  

Yes, we homeschool!