Monday, September 15, 2008

Especially the Stories!

We made an extra effort today to get to the commissary early, hoping to avoid the payday crowds and lines.  (We failed -- got there early, but didn't avoid the crowds and lines!)  We left home right after breakfast and I planned to start school as soon as we got home.  Our grocery list was mercifully shorter than usual, and as we were finishing up, Macey asked about our lunch plans.  (They usually get a little jug of chocolate milk for their treat on commissary days, and I get a package of fresh sushi.  It's my reward to myself for braving the commissary ... especially on paydays!)  <><

M:  Mommy, can we buy chocolate milk for our lunches?
Me:  No, but you can buy some for morning snack.
M:  Snack?!?  Is it really only snack time?
Me (checking my watch):  Yep, really only snack time.
J:  So are we still going to do school this morning?
Me:  Just as soon as we get home.
J, M, and A (in unison):  Yay!!!!!!!
Me (pretending to be surprised):  You LIKE school?
A:  Yes!  I especially like Math.  And school is so fun, it's like playing all the time!
M:  MY favorite parts are the stories!
J:  And the coloring!

And my favorite part is having kids who actually look forward to school!  :)  More on that subject in another post...  :)