Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sugar Snap Peas and their Creator

This morning I read in "Discipline" by Elisabeth Elliot:  

"If God is in control of the big things, He must also be in control of the little ones.  It is nonsense to say that He controls winds, storms, and oceans, but not the pressures that move them, or that He sees the boundaries of the sea and causes the tides to swell and sink, but has nothing to do with individual waves, with the creatures that swim in them, or with the intricacies of molecules and atoms that make up the whole."

Have you ever examined the inside of a sugar snap pea pod?  Every one of my children eats these differently.  Macey opens all of them and eats all the pods first, then the peas.  Jaela sometimes does the same, but usually she eats them whole, like a carrot.  Anya peels each one and eats the peas, then the pods.  Isaak doesn't get the priveledge of getting a whole pea pod yet, so I break the pods into eighths and disconnect the peas for him.  As I broke one open today at lunch, with Elisabeth's words still fresh in my mind, I stopped for a minute to just LOOK at the amazing attention to detail on the inside of one little pea pod.  If you break it in half along the spine, the peas alternate in clinging to opposite sides of the pod, and all the little veins run toward the center.  The peas are not all exactly the same shape and size, but are affected by their position in the pod.  The ones in the middle are bigger, and the ones on the ends are smaller.  Some are perfectly round, others are oddly shaped,  and each individual pea has its own tiny stem that connects it to the spine of the pod.  Such genius of design found in a simple vegetable!  God is indeed in control of the little things!