Friday, August 1, 2008

Modesty and Hannah Montana

This is tax-free weekend for the state of Tennessee, which applies to all school supplies, clothing, and computer components valued at $100 or less.  So, of course, being the thrifty person that you know and love (gotta save that 9.5%!), I saved up my list of essential school supplies for this weekend, and went to Walmart.  

I have also been looking for plain nylon slips for the girls, so I headed to the girls clothing section after I had everything else I needed.  I could not find the slips anywhere, so I finally asked an older Walmart Associate lady for help:
Me:  Do you carry slips for little girls?
WA:  (looking around) Um, I don't think...hmmm, maybe...
Me:  I've seen them around Easter, but they always disappear.  I wondered if maybe they get moved somewhere else the rest of the year?
WA:  No, I think those are a seasonal item.  I don't know why...
(We look at each other in silence for a moment.)
Me:  Modesty is seasonal?
WA:  (laughing) Well, Hannah Montana doesn't wear one, so why would anyone else?!?

And I hope that you are thinking, as MY daughters would be, "Hannah Who?"