Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The First Time

It happens all too frequently in this household.  I will give the girls instructions to do something, and more often than not, they will choose the most time consuming, difficult method to accomplish the task.  When I ask them afterward if there was another, easier way they could have done it, they usually say "Yes, but I didn't think of that at first!"  To which I respond, "Well, use your brain!"  For some reason, they think that is hilarious...

Tonight after dinner, I asked Macey to wash her hands and empty the dishwasher.  She responded that she had to go to the bathroom first, and then she would do it.  So, after her hands were washed and she had begun to empty the dishwasher, I asked if she had flushed the toilet and turned off the light.

Macey: "Oh, no!  I forgot!  But I'll go do it as soon as I finish emptying the dishwasher, so I don't have to wash my hands again and make more work for myself."  A pause...then, excitedly, "Mommy, this is the first time I am using my brain!"

Ah!  That explains a lot!  :)