Tuesday, December 2, 2008

25 Days of Christmas at Our House

I am borrowing an idea from a stranger.  :)  

Her version: post one picture a day (and link to her blog, for all the world to see) of what Christmas looks like at your house, from now until Christmas.  My version:  This will be the only post I do (and you're the only ones who will see it), but I will come back and add a picture every day, because I really like the idea of chronicling pieces of Christmas at our house...in pictures.  :)

Because I REALLY like taking pictures!  :)

Day 1 - Decorating the Tree

Day 2 - Baby-friendly Nativity 
(because Baby Jesus should NOT be off-limits!)

Day 3 - Stockings and a Decorated Mantel
(because candles SHOULD be off-limits!)  :)

Day 4 - Elfie 
(He hides somewhere new every day.)
Click here for the story behind Elfie

Day 5 - Christmas Scenes by Macey
(started showing up on all of my walls after the tree was decorated...even in closets!)

Day 7 - Imaginations at Work
(Isaak took the picture...don't ask!)  :)

Day 8 - Christmas in the Dollhouse

Day 9 - Playing with Food
(frowned upon, but when I saw what Macey had done, I HAD to take a picture)
The mini-bread became a manger, turkey and cheese became Baby Jesus and a blanket, and two carrots became Joseph and Mary (who is wrapped in a cheese robe).

Day 10 - Nativity Tree
(decorated this year by Anya)

Day 11 - "Snuggy" Christmas blankets
(Perfect to share when you're ALL sick!)

Day 12 - Reading Christmas books