Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Choosing Thankfulness Part 2

I guess I wasn't thankful enough on Tuesday.

This morning I was thankful that Isaak came and got in my lap before he got sick (AGAIN) and I only had to do laundry and take another shower instead of cleaning carpet and leather couches.  And I guess I can be thankful that I can put off facing the PX and commissary for a little while longer, too.  :)

This evening, I'm thankful for a good friend who is bringing me some groceries.

And once again, I'm thankful for flushable toilets.
I'm thankful for Lysol and paper towels.
I'm thankful for hot water and shampoo.
I'm thankful for Anya's cheerful spirit.
I'm thankful for Jaela and Macey's helpfulness.
I'm thankful for towels, buckets, and a four-year-old who knows how to use them.

Later in the evening:
I am also thankful for a seven-year-old who can run fast.
I am thankful for a surplus of buckets, blankets, and towels.
I am thankful to be prepared.

It's STILL all in the attitude!