Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Little Yes Man

Isaak has been very agreeable these last few weeks.  At first, if you asked him a question, and the answer was yes, he would simply say "Huh-uh" (which, by the sound alone would mean "No", unless you knew better).  We worked with him a little, and "Huh-uh" was at least combined with emphatic head nodding.  A few days ago, he was down to simple emphatic head nods, with only the occasional verbal accompaniment, and today he FINALLY figured out what we were talking about all these weeks and added an "Uh-HUH!" to his emphatic head nods.

Some examples:
Me: Isaak, do you want breakfast?  (Big nods.)
Me: Isaak, would you like some milk?  (Big nods.)
Me: Isaak, are you cute?  (Big nods.)
Me: Isaak, can you please go put that (thing you're not supposed to be playing with) back where you found it?  (Isaak just looks at me.)
Me: Isaak, are you ready to go back inside now?  (Isaak runs in the other direction.)

You get the idea.

Today, sitting on the couch watching football and eating the last animal crackers:
Me: Isaak, does it taste better if you stick your animal cracker in between your toes before you eat it?  (Isaak looks down at his feet and animal cracker, looks up at me and grins...and gives me a really BIG nod.)  :)