Monday, November 10, 2008


Before we had kids, I used to absolutely DREAD Monday morning.  Monday morning meant that the weekend was officially over, and I had to go back to work.

Now that we have kids, I still dread Monday mornings, but I don't have to go anywhere.  Monday mornings now mean that I can count on the entire house being a disaster.

After Sunday School and church, a late lunch and a late nap, Sunday afternoon is spent relaxing.  No one does any housework or cleaning up.  
The kids play, color, read, or watch football with Mommy.
Daddy plays with the kids, does his own thing, or sometimes watches football with Mommy.
Mommy just watches football.

So, on Monday mornings, my house usually looks something like this:
(and it only looks THIS good if I happened to clean it really well the week before!)  :)

(I'll give credit where credit is due:  the kids DID pick up this room completely before they went to bed Sunday night.  They also very obediently stayed in bed until their clock said 7:00 this morning, then colored and drew until almost 9:00.  I can't really complain about THIS mess!)

Nope.  Monday is not my favorite day.