Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little House in the Bark Mulch

The kids have designated the bark mulched area among our trees in the back yard as their "house", and whenever we go outside to play, that's where they head.  If I remember correctly, in this picture Macey is in the bedroom, Anya and Jaela are in the living room, and Isaak is in the kitchen.  They have a garden and a farm, too.  :)
Yesterday as they played in their house, I heard Jaela say, "Ok, now everyone line up, and I'll give you your chores for the day."  And her sisters cooperated too!  They lined up, Jaela assigned them each some chores, and they all ran off cheerfully to "do" them.  Maybe I should try that "line up" system in MY house!  (Although if I'm being honest, their house looks like it's more fun!)  :)