Friday, January 23, 2009

Backwards Homeschooled Kids

Jaela had an unusual special request this morning when it was time to start school.  "Can we do school backwards?"  

So they started with Shakespeare, then did History/Geography, then Bible.  They wrote their Bible verse of the week out by memory for Handwriting, did their Math, and finished with the Pledge of Allegiance!

When school was done, they ran off to play with their babies.  Jaela's baby was working on Bible, and Macey's did some basic Math problems in a little notebook.  When Macey brought her baby's work to me to check, Grandma wanted to see too.  Macey proudly displayed her baby's hard work, and Grandma told her that her baby was very smart!

Macey's matter-of-fact response:  "She's homeschooled!"