Friday, July 1, 2011

From the Land of Randomness

Our new neighbor is a real bear. No, really. The big, black furry kind. I looked out my kitchen window one evening, and there was a bear in our backyard. By the time I grabbed my camera, it had wandered into the tall grass behind the barn, but at least I have visual proof...kind of.

See the black fuzzy blob in the center of the picture?
That's my bear.

Look what else we've got! We had a manual well pump installed, so now if we ever lose power, we still have water...and four kids to help haul it.
It's pretty cool.

We've also got quite a few of these. We've even named some of them:
Dinner, Lunch, Stew, and Yummy.

Tonight as I was making dinner, Isaak commented from the living room:
"Mom, being a knight is hard."

And on one of our exploratory hikes before we moved in, our realtor took a picture of these signs on the hill behind the house: