Friday, July 1, 2011

Many Hands Make Light Work

My friend Hanna and her two boys came up to visit this week, and we had a great time talking and spending time together again. We also worked hard and crossed a lot of things off my to-do list!

What used to look like this:

now looks like this!

This building isn't really leaning...

but it was surrounded by piles of debris.
And spiders.
Hanna hates spiders.

Remember the laundry room cupboard with the broken top and loose corner joints?

Hanna made me a temporary top for it using rejected countertops we had removed from other rooms!
(And while I may have helped with the other projects, this one was ALL Hanna!)

While Hanna and I were talking and working, the kids were busy too. They piled rocks around the fire pit, rode bikes, played with the dog, read together, explored the creek (under Hanna's 14-year-old's supervision), played games, and generally had a blast.

As well as supervising the younger kids on their creek excursions, Nathanael also spent hours and hours weed-eating. He told me at one point, "My services are rendered to those who serve us." Mike is away again, and weed-eating is not my favorite chore. I spent three+ hours mowing today, and I can't count the times that I was grateful to not have to try to mow a certain spot because Nathanael had taken care of it for me.

They left Wednesday night, and we're still trying not to miss them!
Thanks for coming, guys, and thanks for all your hard work!