Thursday, June 24, 2010


After choosing a pull-up to wear grocery shopping, Isaak decided to let me in on his thought processes.

I: I chose this pull-up because it has a robot on it, and I'm going to be a robot when I grow up, after I'm a Navy Seal. Do you know why?
Me: Why?
I: Because I'm a boy.
I: But pretty soon I won't be a boy any more because I'm growing up to be a man.

Later that day, sitting with Mr. Mark and Ms. Mary outside on their patio, Isaak wondered why Emmie (the beagle) had to go inside.

Mary: Because she's too hot. (it was 92˚ and 65% humidity)
I: Why is she too hot?
Mary: Because she is wearing a fur coat. If you were wearing your warm coat outside right now, wouldn't you be too hot?
I: Yes...but why did you put a coat on her?