Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Christmas Tree "Poem"

Every December in Clarksville you'll find,
a large striped tent full of trees of all kinds.

This year on the third, a family you know
went Christmas tree shopping with faces aglow.

Macey looked high,

and Jaela looked low,

and somewhere between them, Anya did go.

While the twins each took pictures 'mid those trees from Wisconsin,
the parents selected a Fraser, Doug's cousin.

They bound it and trimmed it, and when they got home,
the chore was to get it to stand all alone.

The dad, he succeeded, then hung all the lights,
while the kids all exclaimed, "Wow, they're so bright!"

A few hours later, with carols a'playin',
the dad and the kids did some tree decoratin'.

And that is the end of this poem, I fear.
(And I am SO glad I don't do this each year!)