Thursday, October 1, 2009

They're 8!

Happy 8th Birthday, Jaela and Macey!

They requested carrot cake, decorated with frosting bunnies.

We sang Happy Birthday (and no one cried this year!) and they blew out their candles.

They opened all of their presents (except for the ones that hadn't come yet), and everyone had fun watching them...

...well, almost everyone!

For their birthday dinner, we went to our favorite (Mexican) restaurant. At the end of the meal, the waiters put sombreros on the girls' heads, desserts in front of them, and we all sang Happy Birthday to them (in English, because the waiters told us that they didn't want to be the only ones singing!). And at the end of the song, while everyone clapped, two of the young waiters that were standing behind the girls reached around and smeared whipped cream all over the girls' faces. Jaela and Macey were quite startled, and once we were all done laughing, they announced that they had enjoyed their "unexpected bath of whipped cream"!

They can't wait to turn 9!