Saturday, August 8, 2009

Spicy Juice!

I haven't written much on this blog about our adventures in working around Isaak's wheat allergy. (Mainly because I realize that it may not be as fascinating to you as it is to me!) The short version is that if he eats whole wheat, barley, or rye that has not been soaked, he needs to eat pickles too to help offset the allergic reaction. (You can read the long version here.)

The other day at my friend's house, we had whole wheat pita bread, and she didn't have any pickles. (I know, horrifying, isn't it?!?) She did have apple cider vinegar, though, so I mixed up a concoction for Isaak to drink; about a half a cup's worth of half vinegar, half water. If he would drink enough of it that I could be confident that it would offset the wheat, he could have the pita bread with the rest of us.

He took a small sip and instantly lowered the glass, blinking. "Spicy juice!", he announced. I agreed and told him that if he would drink just a little bit more he could have some bread. He took a few more swallows, then set it down and accepted his bread.

And then he drank more! He kept sipping from his glass throughout the meal, and when it was halfway gone, I switched out his glass with a glass of water, thinking that he had probably had more than enough vinegar water.

He was having none of that! "No!", he exclaimed, "No wan water! Wan my 'picy juice!"

Yep...he's related to my side of the family, all right! :)