Monday, April 27, 2009

It Must Be Monday

We've had an exciting and eventful day already, and the day is only half over!

This morning my friend Amy and I went to a little Mennonite store in Kentucky for the first time.  I got all sorts of exciting things (food) that are hard for me to find elsewhere, and the drive was beautiful.  Anya fell asleep in the grocery cart, courtesy of the low fever she's running.

Then on our way home, we got to stop at the train tracks and watch an entire train rush past.  The van windows were down, the sun was warm, the tall dark green Kentucky grass was blowing in the was awesome.  I greatly enjoyed the chance to just sit and look at the scenery, and the kids loved the train; it was the highlight of their morning!

We stopped at Walmart for a bucket and some milk, and they had kid sized gardening tools on clearance...the kids are now the proud and excited owners of four little shovels and four little hoes.  If only I had a garden to put them to work in...but the girls have big plans of their own for the removal of the leaf pile, and for the digging up of the bricks embedded in the clay of our backyard.

Oh, but the excitement of the morning was not over yet!  After Anya crawled into her bed and fell asleep before lunchtime, Jaela and Macey were reading quietly in the office while Isaak wandered around offering each of us bites of his food.  He started coughing, so I encouraged him to spit out the food that was in his mouth so he wouldn't choke on it, and held out a kleenex for him to spit it into.

He threw up instead, right into my hands. 

It must be Monday.