Monday, April 6, 2009

16 Signs

Signs that might indicate that there is a toddler in the house:

  • Things are never where you left them.
  • Toilets flush when everyone who uses them are all together in another room.
  • Groceries and dishes line the edges of the counters.
  • Water runs in the sinks at odd times.
  • Someone's pink bear smells like shampoo.
  • An entire bottle of whiteboard cleaner has been sprayed on the whiteboard.
  • Things get put where they belong.
  • There is a colorful drawing on your lesson plans page that matches the colorful Sharpies in the container on your desk.
  • Those Sharpies are put back, upside down and with the lids not quite tightly closed, but put back.  Along with any stray pens or pencils that have been rounded up.
  • There is chocolate (yes, it is positively chocolate!) on the handle of the toilet.
  • Deadbolts that were left unlocked are now locked, and deadbolts that were locked are now unlocked.
  • The toilet is plugged with an entire package of kid wipes.
  • You find a book of Tennyson's Poems on your desk, and you didn't put it there.  (T is at the end of the alphabet, which in our house means that it is on a low shelf...)
  • You left the oven open to let the leftover heat escape into the kitchen, and it is shut when you return.
  • You sit down in a chair or couch with a drink in your hand, and a coaster appears at your elbow.
  • There is dry laundry soap on the floor and inside the washing machine, on top of your pile of freshly washed laundry.
I think there might be a toddler in my house!