Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Windy Wednesday

It has been a very windy day in middle Tennessee.  This morning they were predicting strong winds with gusts up to 50 mph, with late morning thunderstorms (and gusts up to 70 mph) possible.  As we ate breakfast this morning, we watched the trees sway, the neighbors' (poorly constructed) fence wiggle, and big sheets of tin roofing fly off the eye-sore-building behind us.  I told the girls that it was supposed to be windy like that all day, and they promptly launched into a discussion about birds, leaves, Mary Poppins and umbrellas.  :)  After they finally finished eating, and had exhausted all the possibilities they could think of that had to do with windy days and flying like leaves, Macey sighed.

"Oh, if Mommy would let us go out and play in the wind, we could have a great deal of fun!"