Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not Your Average Paper Dolls

Mike and the girls may be done reading Peter Pan, but the story lives on...and keeps taking new forms.  For a while I found paper swords and daggers all over the house and had to break up quite a few sword fights that got out of hand.  Then the girls played dress-up and Anya would ask me if I knew the names of "Twinker Bell's" friends, so Jaela and Macey could be fairies too.  I've lost track of how many different pictures they've drawn of the characters and storyline, and they made paper dolls from the story, too.  These are Macey's:  "Piter Pan, Twikrbil, Windy, Jone, Mikle, Catom Hook, and Smee".

I'm looking forward to seeing what games and creations they come up with for their new bedtime story with Daddy.  It could prove to be a challenge for them...he's reading James and the Giant Peach! :)