Monday, August 17, 2015

Our Second Batch of Chickens

A few weeks ago, I went to our farm store to get dog food and found out while I was there that it was our last chance to get chicks this year. I went home and told my husband, and asked if he thought we should go back to get a few, since they had the breed I'd been wanting.  "Sure", he said, "get a few of the ones you want, and then get some other kinds too. Get a dozen." So we did.

(chicks in a bathtub, under a red warming lamp)

They grow SO fast! Today was nice and warm, so we locked the big chickens out of their run and let the little chicks run around for a while in it.

Just as we were getting ready to put them back into their crate, one met with a fatal accident when she darted underneath a descending foot, so we're down to eleven already. Life in the country can be tough!