Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flag Football: First Practice

Isaak is playing 5/6 Year-old Flag Football this year for the first time, and the first practice was highly entertaining.

After the team finished their stretching, jumping jacks, and sprints (forward, backward, and sideways), which were all hysterical to watch, the coaches split them into two groups and worked on catching, throwing, and kicking the football.

Then they got out the belts and flags and the real entertainment began.

They told the ball carriers to run to the cone.
(Nothing was said about avoiding the the other kid or keeping their flags...)

The "defense" was told to chase the ball carrier to the cone.
(I think "and take his flags" might have been a good addition to the instructions!)

After a few run-throughs, they tried scrimmaging a few times...
I laughed so hard I couldn't get a video!

Can't wait to see what the next practice is like!