Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 While Mike was on a business trip last week, I jumped at the chance to play with one of his my favorite tools:

I love this thing!  I can clean with it, weed with it, destroy things with it...

First I destroyed the beautiful moss on my parents' back patio, then weeded the cracks and cleaned the concrete.  (I may have gotten carried away and done the front walkway too, but I'm not admitting anything.)

My pressure washer also made short work of cleaning and stripping some paint off this chair.

I wasn't completely destructive though.

The kids and I put a new coat of paint on the chair
and made it look all shiny and new.

We also painted the pump house,
and then I dug out around it and laid down gravel.

Then I went back to my destructive ways and tore down the back patio roof.

And I even managed to beat Mike home by a few hours!