Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A German German Shepherd

Mike and I have always talked about getting a dog. Now that we live out in the country, we were thinking about getting a big one, like maybe a German Shepherd or something.

Maybe not a puppy though, we said. Too much work training and housebreaking a puppy.

Wouldn't it be neat, we said, if we could find a dog that was already trained, was great with kids, and just needed a new home.

Yeah, that'd be neat. We'll start looking soon, we said.

Instead, he found us.

Ruger is a three-year-old German Shepherd imported from Germany. He showed up at our house on Sunday afternoon, and after many phone calls I finally got ahold of his owner, who lives on a road not too far from our house.

His owner is currently traveling and the neighbor who was taking care of him had forgotten to secure him before she left the property, so he went exploring. His owner apologized for the hassle and gave me directions on how to find her house so we could take him back.

And then she mentioned that she was trying to find a new home for him because she travels so much and can't give him the attention he needs.

Um, yeah. He's getting lots of that at our house. Maybe instead of taking him back to an empty house, we could just keep him for her until she gets home. And then if everything works out, maybe not give him back at all.

Everyone thought that sounded like a great plan.

So Ruger is ours for the next few weeks...and could become ours to keep!