Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heard Around Here Lately

Isaak, pressing his face into the "window" of the front loading washing machine: "Mommy, when I put my head in here and it bangs around, my eyes go up and down!"

Isaak, running around in circles in the family room: "Mommy, when I run around like this I am getting my energy! Does it look like my feet will fall off?"

Jaela: "Hold on a minute, Macey. I need to catch my breath from talking!"

Anya, getting ready for soccer practice: "Mommy, when we're getting ready to go somewhere, I just get happy and sad at the same time, and it makes a blob in my heart."

Isaak, in the bathtub: "Mommy, did you hear that noise?!? My bottom burped!"

Isaak, playing hide-n-seek with his sisters, instead of saying "Make a sound!": "Give me a bah-humbug!"

To Be Continued...