Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Tale of Two Shirts

Although we are in Seattle Seahawks country, I am not (yet) a Seahawks fan. So of course my cousin bought me a Hasselbeck jersey. (If you don't speak football or NFL, Hasselbeck is the Seahawks quarterback.)

Wonder of wonders, the Seahawks made it to the playoffs, so yesterday morning when I got dressed, I put that jersey on, because after all, we are in Seattle Seahawks country and the first game of the day was actually in Seattle.

Five minutes after I put it on, Isaak, who wasn't feeling very well, asked to be held. I picked him up and cuddled him in the middle of the kitchen. Thirty seconds later, I was not only wearing my Hasselbeck jersey, but I was also wearing the remnants of what Isaak had eaten for dinner the night before.

I threw all of our clothes in the washing machine, and after a shower and a change of clothes for Isaak, I got cleaned up too and came out of the bedroom wearing a Tennessee Titans t-shirt. Isaak took one look at me and announced:

"That's a better shirt!"

I'm pretty sure he meant because it was clean.

(And just so you know, when the Seahawks won their game, I was wearing my freshly laundered Hasselbeck jersey. Because I support my local NFL team. Kind of. At least when they're not playing one of my favorite teams. And when their quarterback is doing a decent job. And for sure when they're the only game on. And absolutely when they're playing against the Saints. Who beat my beloved Colts in the Super Bowl last year. In which my beloved Colts will not be playing this year. Maybe it's time for me to put my money where my mouth is and buy a Manning jersey. So it can get thrown up all over on game day. And then I could change into my Hasselbeck jersey...)