Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not An Average Vocabulary

(Important background information: Jaela has been re-reading the Grandma's Attic series, and Anya is reading the 1930s versions of Nancy Drew. There. Now these little stories will make more sense. Read on.)

The other night, the girls wore their new footed jammies to bed. Jaela came to the kitchen just before bedtime to tell me how much she liked them. (It was a long monologue...)
Jaela: (wrapping up the monologue) ...and Mommy, Macey and Anya just look so CUNNING in theirs, don't you think?!?

Today, playing paper dolls in the living room:
Macey: Isaak, PLEASE don't bug me!
Isaak: (indignant) This is not called bugging you.
Macey: But you ARE!
Anya: (in her most gentle tone of voice) Macey, PLEASE don't speak to him so harshly!