Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been AWOL, I know. Wanna hear all of my excuses? Nah. That would take too long. Let's just say things have been crazy around here. (So, what else is new, right?)

Mike's current schedule is somewhat unpredictable, which really messes with my own schedule! He's working nights, coming home usually sometime between 2 and 6 (yes, those are both a.m.) and going back to work around 11 (also a.m.). The kids are really good about staying quiet while he sleeps, but there have been some interesting adjustments to our daily schedule, to say the least!

We are moving right along with school, in spite of all the "extra" stuff I've been working on around the house. Unfortunately, we didn't quite finish painting the entire house before Mike started his crazy/busy schedule, so guess who is getting to finish the job! I am itching to get to the sorting/packing up part of getting ready to put the house on the market and move, so to keep myself honest, I had to promise Mike that I would finish the painting before I started packing. Because just promising myself wouldn't work.

I really like sorting and packing.

Painting...not so much.