Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tips for Preparing to Go Grocery Shopping

Today's tips are brought to you by the need to go buy some groceries.

Before backing the van out of the garage, you should:

*Make sure daughter #1 has a right shoe and a left shoe, not two matching right shoes.
*Make sure daughters #1 and #2 are in their assigned seats so there is no fighting.
*Make sure son is in his own carseat, not sitting, grinning, in daughter #2's seat.
*Go back inside and grab the diaper bag.  
*Check to be sure you have your wallet and military ID.
*Go back inside to fill and hand out water bottles to all four kids...it's gonna be a hot day.
*Go back inside and get one for yourself, too.
*Go back inside again to get the cold bags, re-usable grocery bags, and milk crate full of empty bottles.
*Make sure daughter#3 has her seatbelt on properly, and while you're at it,
*please be sure to notice that she is also wearing two right shoes, and
*go back inside to find the matching left shoe.
*Grab your car keys on the way back out, and since you are going grocery shopping, you should also
*go back inside and get your grocery list off the fridge.
*Get in the van.  Do not look at the clock to see how long that took you!

Have fun grocery shopping!